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Command vs. Control

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

What is the difference between controlling your body and being in command of your body? Authenticity! It’s a simple, yet very complicated paradigm shift. Think of it this way: we have a Commander in Chief; not a Controller in Chief.

But how does this relate to Pilates for humans and Pilates for horses?

When a horse uses his forehand to pull himself along instead of using his hind end as an engine, the horse is controlling his body instead of being in command of his body. There is a weakness for which the horse is making an unfortunate compensation.

Humans make such unfortunate compensations too!

Much like a human who over-uses her upper traps and hikes her shoulders to control her movement when, for example, getting out of a chair. Can you imagine how silly is sounds that humans use their shoulders to get out of a chair?

Why would a human use her arms to get out of a chair?

Because the human is compensating for a weakness and thinks she needs to pull herself out of the chair. This specific compensation generally leads to over developed upper traps. Try it yourself. I dare you to get out of a chair without hoisting yourself up by lifting your shoulders.

What’s the solution to controlling?

Pilates! Pilates for humans and Pilates for horses. Pilates helps you gently realign the skeleton by relaxing the improperly used muscles and engaging the correct muscles in each movement of the Pilates repertoire. The transition from incorrect to correct alignment is achievable under the watchful eye of a certified Pilates instructor. During the transition, it’s important to be kind to yourself. Patterns of compensation will take time to unwind; but they will unwind! A good Pilates instructor will set up a safe environment for you to feel comfortable to explore new patterns. With consistency, your body will rebound to how mother nature intended. And your reward will be ease of movement from your new-found freedom.


Freedom from controlled movements results in your being in command. When you’re in command, your confidence lives in your quiet, gentle, neutral space in yourself. How joyful!

Ultimately being in command effects (good) leadership in life, whether in the office or out in the herd.

Head to to learn more and book a session. Your future self will thank me.

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