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Structure controls function.

watercolor horse art dorota kudyba


is a magical 16’2” Dutch Warmblood who epitomizes pure love, beauty and joy. 

"Dreams about flying are fun only if you are there with me," said the girl.

"We are having identical dreams then...," said the horse.

Watercolor by Dorota Kudyba




PMA & NPCP Certified Pilates Instructor

Reiki I and II

Horse Speak® Specialist

Certified & Insured Equine Bodyworker

PILATES MASTERY at Aiken is our fourth Pilates studio location.


As a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher (PMA & NPCP), tiffany has dedicated her Pilates practice to working with equestrians (and their horse[s]), seniors, and athletes looking for better balance and skeletal alignment. 


As her acumen, HEFNER sent tiffany to train with Dr. Regan Golob where she was certified as an equine bodyworker using Bio Energy Analysis Technique™. 

HEFNER also led tiffany to exclusively study with Sharon Wilsie where she learned to decode the micro-gestures horses use in the herd to communicate, known as Horse Speak®.  Not only did tiffany earn the title of Horse Speak® Specialist but she also earned the unique honor of being selected as Sharon Wilsie's apprentice.

And finally, HEFNER connected tiffany with Linda J. Harris, the founder of T.A.C.T. (True Anatomical Correct Trim) where tiffany bravely became a barefoot trimmer under strict T.A.C.T. guidelines.

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