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Getting out of pain is a process, not an event.  As an active participant in our sessions, tiffany hopes to validate your instincts and help you shift from relying on the experts around you to trusting your own intuition as your horse’s advocate. ​

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What We Do


We use many different energetic & hands-on healing modalities to restore chemical, structural and emotional imbalances. 


Horse Speak® is the body language of horses, decoded, and encoded so that human beings can emulate it.  As a Horse Speak® Specialist, tiffany employs a practical system for “listening” and “talking” to horses in their language, instead of expecting them to comprehend ours and helps you communicate better, whether an equestrian athlete, rider or enthusiast.

--Proof of insurance available upon request--

Healing Modalities

Each session combines a unique blend of Reiki, Acupressure, Meridian Therapy, Myofascial, Strain/Counter Strain Technique, Craniosacral, Equine Pilates and emotional letting go into a powerful healing system that frees up the body and allows it to heal.

Rates | Service Area

45 minutes...................... $125

We happily serve the greater Aiken, South Carolina, area and travel to you for all equine appointments. Additional fees may be charged for mileage outside of our service area.  

horse and trainer horse speak
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Pain activates inflammation, which is a catalyst to Wolfe’s Law.  Inflammation is a signal to recognize an imbalance in the body that may be caused by a physical, chemical and/or emotional stress.


Because structure controls function and imbalances create compensation(s), the alignment of the body and the physiology of the horse must be in harmony to work properly.  Identifying the imbalance can be difficult for anyone to determine where the lameness originates.  A horse's body will develop a compensation to handle any imbalance.  Once the compensation is corrected, the underlying issue can be seen more clearly.  Lameness can occur from a long list of imbalances.

A horse can feel a fly land on its back, so our movements speak volumes.  Often riders unknowingly create resistance and compensations in their horse.  Pilates can help correct rider biomechanics and form a lovely balanced horse underneath you. 

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