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Treating the Body from the Inside Out

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

One of the newest healing modalities coming soon at Pilates Mastery includes the globally renowned CranioSacral therapy.

CranioSacral is a healing modality that helps heal the body from the inside out. According to Maureen Rogers, Founder of Equine CranioSacral Workshops, “CranioSacral brings balance back to the muscular/skeletal structure by using specific hands-on contacts to treat the sacrum and the cranium; but we are not limited there because it’s unique because we treat the head with the whole body.”

At Pilates Mastery, we treat both horses and dogs as an alternative treatment to traditional equine and canine bodywork.

Both horses and dogs suffer from body misalignment, often presenting as muscle spasms.

A muscle spasm is natural response to protect the body from a trauma. Muscle tension pulls on bone. When bone is pulled, the tension will result in a postural misalignment. If no one addresses the misalignment, a compensation is formed. Horses and dogs are really intelligent and can create comfort out of a compensation. However, just because a horse or a dog is comfortable in his/her compensation, does not mean the compensation is balanced and/or correct! The longer the misalignment, the bigger the compensation. The longer the horse or dog has made a compensation, the longer it will take to unwind…so be patient!

A little math, Pilates Mastery style:
injury + trauma + stress = compensation

The Pilates Mastery Proof:

Wolff's Law states “your bones will adapt based on the stress or demands placed on them. When you work your muscles, they put stress on your bones. In response, your bone tissue remodels.”

There are a variety of practitioners offering equine and canine bodywork, but Pilates Mastery brings your an EXCEPTIONAL experience. The “trick” to any and all good equine body work is simple, the practitioner must be present when working with a client. What separates an effective equine bodyworker and canine bodyworker from the rest of bodyworkers is CONNECTION. Regardless of the healing modality, “connection is the most important tool when doing body work,” says Rogers. And here at Pilates Mastery, connection with our clients is crucial.

A qualified practitioner will do the best that she can do in the time that she has. Remember, there is a fixing time and a healing time. So, as a client, it is important to manage your expectations. Perfection does not exist…but excellence does – so make sure you find an equine bodyworker and a canine bodyworker that is a good fit for your horse and dog.

Marion Woodman wrote, “bodyworkers sometimes think they know what the body should do. They don’t any more than the analyst (trainer, rider or owner) knows what the psyche should do. Bodywork that is an exercise in power is extremely wrong, anther violation of the body. The needed bodywork is the bodywork where the soul is listened to, respected and given its outlet. The soul loves to move, to express, to be free and hates domination and desertion. Bodyworkers must surrender any power ideas because the soul has taken all the power it can take. It will not tolerate anymore. Listen to the soul of “the horse.” Love it. Give it back its dance. Then give the souls a format for understanding, or integration and for anchoring."

CranioSacral therapy for horses and dogs coming in Summer 2022. To learn more about Equine Pilates or to find a Pilates studio near me, head to the best Pilates Studio in Aiken: Pilates Mastery. To book a private session, head to:

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