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Private Pilates vs. Group Pilates

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

When choosing between private Pilates and group fitness Pilates, there are a few things to consider:

First, the price. There is a significant different in price when booking private Pilates and a group fitness Pilates class. With good reason, private sessions are often double or triple the amount of a group fitness or "club" class. In a private Pilates session, your Pilates instructor will focus on your body, specifically, and make personalized modifications based on your specific needs. It’s impossible for a group fitness instructor to give 100% of attentiveness to every client in the group for the entire session; furthermore, you’re more likely to get injured in a group fitness class than in a private Pilates session. Essentially, you will get the attention and effectiveness you pay for.

Second, quality and quantity in classes. If you are new to Pilates and just starting out, it is highly recommended to take at least 10 private Pilates sessions before entertaining the thought of joining a group fitness Pilates class. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the Pilates repertoire and Pilates equipment before considering a group atmosphere. Classical Pilates is a more exacting type of exercise which focuses on quality of movement, rather than quantity of reps. Pilates will help correct your skeletal alignment and fine tune your musculature. Pilates will help you use the correct muscles rather than using poor form and the wrong muscles, which can easily happen in a club environment. Your first few private Pilates sessions will be slow, controlled and exacting as you start to familiarize yourself with your body.

Third, it’s important to have a certified Pilates instructor leading the session. In most club or group Pilates atmospheres, the instructor is trained only by the organization, and is not certified through a nationally accredited program. Regardless if you are in a Pilates club environment or in a Private Pilates session, your Pilates instructor should be nationally certified from a reputable, accredited organization such as the PMA or NCPT. Why? Pilates instructors who are fully certified by the PMA or NCPT must pass thorough exams on human anatomy and the entire Pilates repertoire for Pilates equipment (Pilates reformer, Pilates Cadillac, Pilates tower, Pilates ladder barrel and the Pilates chair).

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