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Equine Pilates Saves Money On Vet Bills

Like all athletes, horses are subject to a wide variety of injuries. Pain not only hinders the performance of a horse, it also affects behavior. A horse that is hurting becomes ill-tempered and is not willing to perform what is asked of him. For example, shoulder pain, if untreated, could affect leg and hoof development due to the favoring of the shoulder injury. While Equine Pilates will not “fix” an old injury, Equine Pilates can help heal the injury and lessen pain. With Equine Pilates your horse will begin moving more freely, (even at a good tempo) while gaining and maintaining balance. Muscle spasms can result in a high head carriage, poor use of true biomechanics, sufficient discomfort to make the horse lose his balance and roundness of frame, and eventual behavior issues. The solution is seldom found in the tack shop! Equine Plates picks up where different training approaches leave off. Equine Pilates results in repeatable and significant differences in the way horses move. Depending on your riding, with once-a-month Equine Pilates sessions, horses will regain soundness and keep it. Preventative maintenance keeps the minor problems from becoming major issues with big vet bills attached. If your horse is sound and in good spirits, what is the benefit of Equine Pilates? Equine Pilates will give you a competitive edge. Results include faster horses, who are more comfortable in high level competition and thereby reducing their chance of injury. By staying on top of things with monthly Equine Pilates sessions, your horse(s) will move better. And, if nothing else, your accountant will notice the decrease in vet bills with your investment in Equine Pilates! If you’ve run out of options, give Equine Pilates a shot! To learn more or to book a session, head to:

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