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Equine Pilates

Horses simply standing or grazing in an unbalanced way will cause certain muscles to be constantly under stress. If these ways of stabilizing become habitual, then, sooner or later, we will have to pay the price and sometimes it is a very expensive one indeed. One of the most common consequences is backache and lameness. Other effects of bad posture and bad coordination are arthritis and mysterious lameness.

Many of our modern veterinary methods of dealing with these problems revolve around the use of powerful drugs to suppress the painful symptoms. These drugs often have unfavorable long term side effects.

Equine Pilates naturally restores balance and coordination in a way so that tensions are not retained in the body. It is easy to see the natural grace of young foals as they play in the pastures, but they slowly start to lose this agility of movement as the pressures of external forces, created by humans, mold them into imbalanced, misaligned horses.

By moving in a different way, horses can soon regain an ease of movement that had been forgotten. Many horse owners report their horses feeling lighter and more free after Equine Pilates sessions. How we physically feel will affect our mental and emotional states; this is true of horses too. Horses often become less irritable and much more at ease with themselves after just a few consistent Equine Pilates sessions.

To Recap: Equine Pilates will help:
  1. The horse let go of excessive tension that has been held unconsciously in the body, and

  2. Help the horse find different ways of moving that are easier and more efficient thus reducing wear and tear on body structure an internal organs.

To learn more about Canine CranioSacral, Equine CranioSacral, CranioSacral for horses, Horse Speak®, Equine Pilates and/orReformer Pilates for Humans here in Aiken, head to Pilates Mastery. If you’re looking for Pilates near me, Pilates Mastery also offers virtual Pilates sessions if you are not local to Aiken, SC. You may book an Equine Pilates or a Horse Speak® session at:

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