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Presentation: Horse Speak® for Equine Bodyworkers

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

An agenda for Horse Speak® for Equine Bodyworkers presentation at Full Moon Farms on April 24, 2022.

Horse Speak® concepts and techniques of with particular relevance to bodywork are:

• Bubbles of Personal Space

• The 4 G’s

• The Buttons

• X and O

• Reverse Round Pen

• The Hold Hand


1. Bodywork from the horse’s perspective

2. Horse Speak® techniques for starting a bodywork session

3. You first

4. Entering the horse’s personal space

5. First touches

6. Is the horse ready for you to enter his personal space?

7. Entering a stall using the Rule of 3

8. Say hi to all the buttons with Reverse Round Pen

9. Negotiating defensiveness

10. Facilitating results with Horse Speak®

11. Watch for what the horse is talking about

12. The 4 G’s

13. Supportive breath messages

14. Be open to requests and suggestions

15. Seeking behavior

16. How horses process information

17. Therapy back-up

18. Encouraging relaxation and release

19. Ending the session

20. Q & A

To learn more about Canine CranioSacral, Equine CranioSacral, CranioSacral for horses, Horse Speak®, Equine Pilates and/orReformer Pilates for Humans here in Aiken, head to Pilates Mastery. If you’re looking for Pilates near me, Pilates Mastery also offers virtual Pilates sessions if you are not local to Aiken, SC. You may book an Equine Pilates or a Horse Speak® session at:

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